Conservative party wins in UK – how this will influence the finance?

Conservative Party won 330 seats, while the main opposition force – Labour take only 232 seats.

Scottish nationalists are third with 56 seats. The anti-EU UKIP gets only one MP. This according to the latest data on the results of the UK general election held yesterday. Until now secure 649 seats in the 650-seat parliament in the country.

So far the ruling Conservative Party of Prime Minister David Cameron can form a stable self-government.

The results of the elections yesterday not confirm the fears of financial markets unstable Parliament political crisis and Britain. Estimates of polls gender Conservatives and Labour did not materialize.

Against this background, the British pound rose strongly 1.79% to 1.5524 dollars. This was the biggest rise of the pound against the US money from July 2009 onwards.

Leading Conservative promise is to continue to date their policies to support the economic recovery and big business in the UK.

Prime Minister David Cameron, however, promised another. It stated categorically that it will hold a referendum on remaining in Britain in the European Union if the Conservatives win the general election.

After the victory of the party of Cameron is already happening, most likely the referendum will be scheduled for 2017